New (post COVID) wedding season with lots of drama-creams!

Congratulations to all 2022 couples!

As we're wrapping up this wedding season, we are so proud of all vendors, partners and our own staff. What couples might not have seen was all the behind the scene is staffing and regulations changes in the wedding industry this year. From chefs, to planners, to even day of staffing; we've seen the challenges from people working the events to how different venues are taking different approaches to set up and logistics. We also saw a lot of new and out of town faces in the industry! Making all the weddings happen this year definitely was a team effort across the board. 

Wedding 2022

From our amazing couples, we loved every idea, enthusiasm and love they threw our way. A big trend we saw was couples were ready to make a statement! Lots of bold flowers and floral arrangements on the cake. Though, where we really had lots of fun with this season, were the bold themes! Traveling, hobbies, geometric, you name the theme. Couples wanted to really do something cool and fun with their day and we took on the challenges!

A lot of people think these huge ideas can only be done with fondant but we proved them wrong. We are actually HUGE fans of dramatic buttercream - or as we call them, drama-creams! The best part of buttercream vs fondant is they taste better. Most people aren't fans of eating fondant. Another point for buttercream? For a true baker/decorator, it takes less time so it's usually a little cheaper for our couples! Win-Win... team Drama-cream!