Dessert Bar

Wedding Desserts | Freedom Bakery
Standard: 1) Lemon, 2) Mango, 3) Chocolate, 4) Cinnamon Chocolate
Premium: 5) Boston Cream, 6) Raspberry Cream , 7) Salted Caramel

1) Fresh Fruit w/ Bavarian Cream, 2) Latte Belgian Chocolate Ganache, 3) Peanut Butter Chocolate

1) Snickerdoodle Blondies, 2) Caramel Seasalt Blondie-Brownies, 3) Classic Chocolate Brownies

SHOOTERS (GF = Gluten Free)
1) Pistachio Almond & Fresh Fruit (GF), 2) Mango Cream & Fresh Strawberries (GF), 3) Lemon Cream & Fresh Strawberries (GF), 4) White Choc Cream Cheese Mousse w/ Fresh Berries (GF), 5) Choc Cream & Choc Ganache (GF), 6) Raspberry Choc Cream Pie, 7) Oreo Cookies& Cream, 8) Carrot Cake 

Please see details on Dessert Bar vs Cupcakes and Cakes and note minimums do apply. If you have questions on quantities for your party size, our recommendation is 3-5 pieces per guest. Dessert Tasting Samples are available with wedding cake tasting plates.   

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