Saving Top Tier Anniversary Cake

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Throughout our years of working with couples in planning their wedding cake, we've seen a pretty even split on couples saving the top tier and couples who don't save the top tier. It is a tradition some couples have never even heard of! We always encourage our couples there is nothing practical about this tradition so follow your heart. If you like the idea, then do it! 

Let's first get into what this tradition is! If you want to know where this tradition came from, I'm sure you can google a bunch of "it dates back to..." stories. In a nutshell, the idea is saving the top tier of your wedding cake from your wedding day and freezing it for a year; and defrosting it on your anniversary day to eat.

Truthfully, we think it's really cute and does give you something fun to think about throughout the first year of your wedding. Why not? (Except there are a few practical reasons which we'll address below.)  It's a super romantic idea that the couple saved the top tier, a memento of something from their actual wedding day, and can share it again a year after their wedding. For some families, it's something their parents and grandparents have done and they want to continue to do it too. 

If you decide to save the top tier, we recommend you follow these simple steps:
1 - let us know so we can provide you with a cake box to take the top tier home in! Also keep in mind you'll need 10 additional serving for your wedding day count.

2 - when you take it home after your wedding day, put the cake (in box) inside your freezer for one night. The next day, saran wrap just the frozen cake, drop it in a plastic food container so you can seal it tight. Leave it in the freezer for a year. 

3 - on the day of your anniversary, take out the frozen cake and unwrap the saran wrap, let the cake sit on your counter away from direct sunlight and just let it thaw. Enjoy at room temperature!

As mentioned, there's nothing really practical about his tradition so there are reasons why you might not want to follow this tradition or simply can't. 

Freezer space is hot real estate! There's simply no room in your freezer to store a 10x10 cake for a year.  Or, your current housing might be temporary. Handling a frozen cake during a move just does not sound fun. Unless you have a family or friend who is happy to let you park your cake in their freezer (and promise not to eat it), this really isn't always the most convenient option.

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If you decide saving the top tier of your wedding cake isn't for you, consider just ordering a fresh anniversary cake! We take care of our couples even after their wedding day. Contact us as you approach your anniversary. We do offer a pretty sweet deal for anniversary cakes, exclusively to our couples! A fun sheet cake is also a great way to celebrate your anniversary!