Tasting and Consultation

As a family bakery, there is a tremendous amount of pride in serving a wedding cake you and your guests will enjoy and talk about. Just try our cakes and you'll know!

Our wedding cake samples offer a cake to filling ratio consistent with your actual wedding cake. Order an In-home Tasting Plate and enjoy in the comfort of your own home! You will sample and enjoy twelve (12) of our wedding cake flavors, along with an easy to follow description of the flavors you're sampling. If dessert bar is in your vision, you can also order Dessert Samples. Cake Tasting Plates are $25 and Dessert Samples are $10. Dessert samples available only with purchase of cake samples. A one time credit of your tasting plate charges will apply towards your final wedding cake order. If you need to cancel your order, we require a 24hr advance notice for refund. 
Tasting Plate

The plate is made with 2 (3 max)  people in mind. Our cakes have been thoughtfully put together to hopefully hit flavor notes you never knew you wanted in a cake. Below are our twelve (12) standard and delicious cake flavors. While each tier can have its own flavor, we recommend no more than two flavors for ease of serving. From our experience, when you have more than two different flavors, you will need to account for more cake.

Cupcakes are not available in the Tasting Plate but all of these flavors are available as cupcakes. The flavor profile will all be similar. The major difference is that cupcakes are topped with buttercream swirls instead of the mousse filling that are in most of the cakes; and have more of a "bite". Please keep in mind the more cupcake flavors your get, the more quantity you should account for. We recommend no more than 3 cupcake flavors.

If picking up a Tasting Plate is not in your schedule with any of the above options, you can also simply choose a flavor from our wedding cake menu or ask an eager willing friend or family member to be your taste tester! 

  1. Mango Coconut Mousse with White Cake.
  2. Raspberry Preserve & Italian Lemon Mousse with White Cake.
  3. Strawberry Mousse with White Cake.
  4. Bavarian Cream with Chocolate Cake. 
  5. Green Tea Matcha Cream with White Cake.
  6. Raspberry Preserve & Amaretto Mousse with Black & White Cake*.
  7. Mocha-Latte - Latte Ganache and Chocolate Mousse with Black & White Cake*.
  8. Oreo Cookies & Cream with Black & White Cake*.
  9. Boston Cream Pie - Belgian Chocolate Ganache and Bavarian Cream with White Cake.
  10. Red Velvet - White Chocolate Cream Cheese Mousse with Red Velvet Cake.
  11. Belgian Chocolate Ganache and Chocolate Mousse with Chocolate Cake. 
  12. Salted Caramel Mousse Cream with White cake.

*Served with both chocolate and white cake in the Tasting Plate. You can choose to order your wedding cake with those flavors as served or with a choice of just chocolate or just white cake.

Dessert Samples are $10. The flavors provided are our most popular choices and for you try the items' texture and see the actual dessert serving. The cake sample fillings will give you an idea of other available flavors. Fresh berries are provided for you to try with cake fillings. This allows you to get a good idea of the shooter flavors. Must be purchased with Tasting Plate. Not sold separately. 

  • Lemon Cream Puff
  • Fresh Fruit Tartlet with Bavarian Cream
  • Snickerdoodle Blondie Triangles
  • Classic Chocolate Brownies Triangles
  • Cup of Fresh Berries

If you are inquiring about Custom Cake Samples outside of our wedding cake offers, please email us the flavor you have in mind. Depending on the availability, we will get back to you if your request is available for the day of your wedding. To sample most filling flavors outside of our offerings, you will receive a standard 1/8 sheet cake with our white or chocolate cake for $40. For a custom cake and filling combination, you will receive a 8" round cake (2" tall) for $90. Cakes for both options are simply iced with no decoration and for tasting purpose only; and does not get applied to your wedding order. Minimum 2 weeks notice required.

For your convenience, we offer different Consultation Options:

Email and Quote - We recommend you start by emailing us an inspiration cake design with estimated guest counts; and we can provide you with a general quote and recommended cake size. This has proven to be most convenient for our busy couples. Our professional Wedding Team works with you over email or phone to finalize any details. You can order an In-home Tasting Plate before or after your inquiry to decide on your cake flavor.

Schedule a Phone or Zoom Consultation - You will talk to one of our head Wedding Decorators directly to discuss mainly design ideas. For general questions, contact Wedding Team directly for faster response. When you schedule a Phone or Zoom Consultation, you can share any inspiration cake designs (or you can email it ahead of time) and address any questions. This is an ideal option if traveling is limited in your schedule. This is also a recommended step if you've already emailed us your inspiration design and have further questions or concerns. We recommend you've already tasted our cakes before your consultation and have a general idea on which cake flavor you like prior to the Phone or Zoom consultation.

Our In-Person Tasting and Consultation is currently unavailable. With the current flux of our staffing and our customer's need for last minute scheduling, we decided we can provide the best service to all our couples through Email, Phone and Zoom Consultations at this time.